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Melaksanakan Glagaspur Tingkat KRI Pulau Rengat 1

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October 20, 2011, Surabaya (Dispenarmatim): Ships of the Republic of Indonesia (KRI) Island Rengat-711 carrying out tasks Tempur Rehearsals (Glagaspur) level 1 at Pier Koarmatim Ujung Surabaya on Thursday (20/10). Personnel who served in the warship is carrying out the activities of the roles in the post combat each corresponding with a manned combat equipment. All personnel performing their duties seriously and vigorously combat the high sea forces as soldiers are reliable and professional.

Glagaspur level 1 implemented for a month with a series of tests written test at the Command Training (Kolat) Koarmatim, lessons on the duties and responsibilities pengawak onboard equipment and training in place a combat role. In this exercise all activities supervised by a team of assessors from Kolat Koarmatim to monitor the readiness of personnel while performing their duties onboard and assess the readiness and professionalism of personnel in the control equipment is manned.

Globally, the roles that they carry out the role involves a few steps Operative, Administrative, and the Role of the Special Emergency. More specifically KRI Rengat Island has a basic function in the role of the current Operative combat role past the minefield, here the task performed is to carry out sweeping mines that have been detected and hunt mines are not known.

Another term of glagaspur level 1, ie L-1 were carried out regularly and continuously. KRI Rengat Island is an artificial mine-hunting ships that were in the top Dutch Ship Mine Action Unit (Satran) Koarmatim particularly a strategic function in the execution of amphibious operations are on the forefront among the formation of other warships.

Sources: Dispenarmatim


Lima Tanda Pasangan Memiliki Affair


Cheated partner is a painful thing. It could even lead to a trigger shipwreck of your household. If the husband recently started rarely touch you, need to be aware of. Who knows, there are other women who managed to tease her and make the couple did not settle into berlam-old at home.

Seeing as it is, start vigilant with strange gestures husband, because it could be his peculiarities need to be investigated further. Here are five signs, couples need to be suspected of having affair as quoted from the pages of the Times of India:

Sex increasingly bland and rarely
This could be a sign that your partner engage in sexual activity outside. Perlilaku other strange could be addicted to porn video he suddenly experienced a sudden drop or libido. These signs could be the basis that there is a serious problem. But do not assume langusng bad, because it could be the husband has a serious personal problem, watch out before it's too late.

Too protective of his cell phone
Does he avoid calling in front of you or reply to messages quickly when she is with you? The reason could be that he wanted to give quality time, but make sure there is nothing more than that. If he is not comfortable when receiving a call in front of you or prefer to stay away so that conversation did not sound mean there is something he is hiding.

Often talked about the opposite sex or the other woman
When you are immediately confronted with a woman other than you, your emotions must be burned directly. For that, the man who was hiding something more often avoid conversations about other women in front of you or even try to avoid a sudden meeting between you and another woman.

But whether he was suddenly brought someone in conversation and then try to change the topic of another conversation when you realize that there are other women in your discussions with your partner?

When his friends acting weird
Well, most of my friends will remain loyal to him and make sure that they do not let you know this secret. However, signs of guilt will be quite clear on their face.

More often disappeared
Today he was out to dinner with the team, he admitted there tomorrow working visit out of town or other reasons for berusha avoid you. Even all the behavior patterns he does to avoid you show signs of strange. Beware, this as a warning to you.

source: vivanews.com


Kesalahan Fatal 5 Pengguna BlackBerry


Now already loads of people who use BlackBerry smartphones, many of them because the Blackberry Messenger chat feature. Well due to all sorts of professional human species until gaptek using smart phones, it does not mean users are also quite clever. Sometimes handphonenya much more smart than the wearer.
But if technical problems or excusable clueless anyway, because his name technology is always evolving and not everyone can follow it well. Staying active and drinking Milo practicing every day, then you will not be clueless anymore.
Which according to MBDC including users "are not smart enough" beyond technical matters are people who abuse the features that already exist. Wearing these features do not fit his nature. This is inexcusable.
Here are some fatal errors using the Blackberry

1. Contact Name Use Character Alay

This is not the only cause doomsday visual, unsightly eyes, make eye sore for ngebaca, but also will trouble us if you want to find a contact person.
For example your name is Hans, then you replace a fuel contact:


Or if the name Donie be

*.:*¨ .. * •. ‧:: ‧ ĐōЙÑΪΣ ™ *.::**.:*¨

You will make a fuss of people who want to search quickly by typing the letters of your name it. Guaranteed not to meet. Loh why is that?? Still nanya? Yes, because the letters are not included in the Alay QWERTY keyboard that contains the letters of the alphabet a normal human being.
What must you do to face this situation:
Rename contacts that contain the letters alay him with his own name that you type normally.
2. Test Contact, No Need To Reply
More delicious to sleep, eye-kriyep kriyep already living a dream ... all of a sudden the sound of "ping", you instantly awake and ngecheck your BB, there is the purple message with the words:
Test contact, no need to reply. Tx
WTF? Disturb sleep I wrote lo! Want to show off a new BB? Or search for fun aja attention and let people be ngeh inget again if you exist in this world and can be contacted through the contact of fuel.
Man, today's technology has advanced. If you replace the handset Blackberry / PIN change, Blackberry servers can already do this in such a way that you do not need malem-malem bother others with test broadcast no need to contact your reply was unnecessary.
What must you do to face this situation:
Ignore aja, or if you want bales broadcastnya with "Okay test acceptable, but for the future should not be done again. Why? Try to read malesbanget.com loe more open mind ".

3. Replace Profile Pic Every Minute

Every time you check recent updates, surely there's always that person who sits at the top with the status 'changed the display picture'. The pictures are always changing every few minutes. From vacation photos together his friends, again hold the baby photos of people, self-reflection mirror image, beloved mother of the same photo, photo with her ​​dog, etc..
In one day we can know about her life journey so far only from photographs alone. If the person pretty well pretty girl eye wash seger liatin change-change photographs, many times there is a weaving wrote again on the beach:)
What must you do to face this situation:
There's nothing you can do but to submit or delete your friend's contact.
4. Chatting on Status Updates
MBDC'm sure you've seen people who said-replication in status updates. Okay, if just to say happy birthday or congratulations to others what does not matter, but this vent until that!
Examples of situation like this:
18:20 Donnie changed status update: "I try my best, but failed. Why God? "
18:21 Hans changed status update: "Keep the spirit of my bro Donnie! Do not give up! "
18:24 Donnie changed status update: "@ Hans: Thanks brother, you're a true buddy ..."
18:25 Hans changed status update: "That's what friends are for, bro Donnie .. support u always! "
MBDC 18:26 Donnie removing from contact list.
MBDC 18:26 Hans removing from contact list.
18:27 MBDC changed status update: "Get a room, fags!"
What must you do to face this situation:
If in your contact list turns out there are people like Hans and Donnie type this, you better reduce the frequency ngecheck your recent updates. If tetep do not succeed, you can also make a sarcastic status updates of people who chat on that status.
5. Broadcast Message abuser
MBDC most hate this type. Middle malem more relaxed going back to bed there was a sudden sound of "ping", then you quickly check your blackberry, it turns out there diliat fitting purple message, reading:
"Once upon a time there was a mother who is very dear to her, blah blah blah blah .... Please forward this story to fuel the entire contact you or you will be the most sinful world ".
AAAARRRGRGGGHHH! It was passable immediately kill yourself or kill the person who sent it broadcast. Aja same Disturb not important!
Or in other situations, you are again the middle of driving, keep all of a sudden the sound "ping", fitting is opened there is a purple message with the words:
"THERE IN SUMATRA EARTHQUAKE! Potential Tsunami! Please be disseminated to the people to know the news! "
You panicked dong, keep wondering what bener not really, but because you are driving again, so you postpone looking for information. Eh not long after the Blackberry you the sound of "ping" again, you keep checking it turns out there is again a purple message from the sender the same as before, this time writing:
"Sorry, the news that had turned out wrong. Not happen in Sumatra. I'm sorry. Please spread this news so people would know if that was wrong ... "
Anjrit! Rich gini Quote ngeselin really well. Already know the news is not clear or is a hoax but already disseminated instantly. Fortunately you do not trigger complicated-looking information or nanya nanya people around you who are you to be contaminated plasticity ignorance.
But suddenly your Blackberry 2 minutes later the sound of "ping" again, you go, this time there is also a purple message, but from different people with the sender before. Posts decrypted message:
"Please do not broadcast news not so important, very disturbing others at all. If there is news it must be ensured for accuracy before the first broadcast-yack. Greetings! "
Aararrrggghhhh not long after you take gasoline and matches, flush your Blackberry with gasoline and burned it with a match until the end. And at that moment your heart feels so much relief ...
Well so it goes. Are you also a BlackBerry user? Do not make mistakes as we have written above it.


Breakfast di Indonesia 10


10 a typical breakfast menu of Indonesia:

1. Yellow Rice

Yellow rice is a typical Indonesian food. This food is made ​​from rice cooked with turmeric and coconut milk and spices. In the tradition of Indonesia describes the color of yellow rice wealth, prosperity and the moral high ground. Therefore yellow rice is often served at Thanksgiving events and happy events such as birth, marriage and fiance.

2. Rice Pecel

Pecel is a typical food Madiun East Java Indonesia made ​​from vegetable stew of spinach, bean sprouts, green beans, basil, leaves turi, Krai (a type of cucumber) or other vegetables served with sambal doused pecel. The concept of similarity pecel dish with a salad for Europeans, namely fresh vegetables doused mayonnaise topping. It's just to pecel pecel sauce topping.

3. Vegetable rice cake

This type of rice cake spread lots of them in Indonesia. Starting from Medan to vegetable rice cake that celebrates Gomeh Cap. The material is yes rice cake, coconut milk, long beans, fried onions, and side dishes depending on your taste. Can know, chickens can, fish are also entered.

4. Noodles

Noodles is the menu for people who wanted a fast, practical, cheap, and not a great cook. Sometimes love is served with poached egg, fried egg, chicken, meatballs or bulb. But many also do not use the original side dishes.

5. Rice Krawu

Krawu Rice is the food of the town of Gresik. This food is a mixture of rice and beef with the oil content is high. Others have added to the rempelo (intestines, tripe, etc.), cingur, even a cow. These foods do not use vegetables. The interesting thing is that even though rice rice krawu is typical Gresik but all sellers are madura.

6. Rice Cat

Rice cat (or in the Java language known as "sega cat") is not a specific menu, but rather on how the presentation of rice packs which are found in this famous shop. Named "rice cat" because it presented in the portion of the (very) slightly, like a menu to feed the cat. Rice rames cat is a form of rice, with a diverse menu: dry tempeh, fried anchovies, sambal goreng, tripe, milkfish, colon, head or paws satay chicken and quail eggs, which increasingly favors if burned once briefly before serving. Rice cat known in various places in Central Java (including Yogyakarta) and is very popular among students because the price is quite cheap for the size of children boarding bag, other than that it also fits in the tongue of Indonesia.

8. Chicken Porridge

Chicken porridge is a favorite of many people. Ranging from small children, teenagers, to adults, all love chicken porridge. Term if the breakfast porridge was "shabu", none other than "breakfast porridge".

9. Rice Liwet

Rice is a typical food liwet Solo. Liwet savory rice is rice (cooked with coconut) uduk like rice, served with vegetable squash, shredded chicken (chicken meat cut into small pieces) and areh (a kind of savory puree of coconut).

Solo city dwellers used to eat rice liwet at any time from for breakfast, until dinner. Ordinary rice liwet peddled around with bamboo baskets to mothers who carry her every morning or sold in the shop lesehan (without seats). The most famous place for the sale of rice liwet (lesehan stalls) are in areas that are only selling Keprabon at night.

10. Rice Corn

Rice corn (Nasek ampog) is a typical variation of rice for the people of Madura. Rice consists of white rice mixed with corn kernels that have been cooked along with the rice. Rice corn with plain white rice eaten with other side dishes. Rice is also a substitute for diabetics to eat rice.

source: http://unikboss.blogspot.com/2010/10/10-jenis-sarapan-orang-indonesia.html


16 Jenis Buah Berry & bergizi


1. Bearberry
Extracts of plants intended to be used as antioxidants in food can also have biological effects on bacteria. Antimicrobial activity of ethanol extract antioxidant bearberry (Arctostaphylos UVA-Ursi) leaves, alone and in combination with Nisin, determined against 25 bacteria associated with food-spot on the grass-and micro-dilution method. bacterial growth kinetics of the four selected from 25 specified in the presence of Nisin and bearberry extract by monitoring the absorbance at 550 nm, whereas the sub-lethal wound bacteria is determined by the bearberry extract alone by plating on agar with and without 4% NaCl. bearberry extract alone showed no antimicrobial activity alone but increases the activity of Nisin, as determined by minimum inhibitory concentration, against many Gram-positive, but no, Gram-negative bacteria. Combination of Nisin and bearberry extract slowed the growth of some bacteria, especially Brochothrix thermosphacta, compared with Nisin alone. Sub-lethal injury was induced in two (Bacillus cereus and Broch. Thermosphacta) bacteria from four selected by the bearberry extract. Extracts may have potential as agents to improve the antibacterial activity Nisin, but further work is needed.

2. Barberry
Berberine, the most extensively studied component of barberry, may have de-worming, anticonvulsants, and sedative properties, and given a local anesthetic effect when injected subcutaneously. It also showed in vitro antibacterial activity against several species of which exceeds chloramphenicol.

An ethanol extract of B. vulgaris has demonstrated anti-inflammatory activity in in vitro studies and animal. Other alkaloids of plant isolates are less strong in anti-inflammatory effect of ethanol extract of the total.

Several isoquinoline alkaloids exert uterine-stimulating effects in animals. Other studies have shown antiarrhythmic effects and hypotension with berbamine and antiarrhythmic activity with berberine.

3. Barberry
In subarctic areas, crowberry has become an important addition to the food of the Inuit and Sami. After waning popularity, the crowberry once again regain its reputation as an edible berry. This provides a stable and relatively easy to collect plants. High concentrations of anthocyanin pigments can be used as natural food colorants. The Dena'ina (Tanaina) harvested for food, sometimes in the number of stores for winter, and as it is mixed with fat or oil. They're fine in a cool place without any special preparation.
Berry usually collected in the autumn of this year but if not taken they can survive on plants and can be picked in the spring. Inuit and Native Americans mixed with other berries, especially blueberries. Cooking enhance the flavor. They make a good cake and jelly.
Leaves and stems are used in Dena'ina medicine for diarrhea and stomach problems, they are boiled or soaked in hot water, and strained liquid drunk. Some states berry juice is good for kidney problems

Yellow-leaved cultivar Empetrum nigrum 'Lucia'
In Dena'ina plantlore outside and Upper Inlet area of Lake Clark, the root is also used as a drug, used to remove the growth on the eye and heal sore eyes. Roots boiled and washed the eye with tea, filtered cooled, a little sugar can be added. Some people say blackberry stems can be used in a similar way to this illness.
Crowberries contain most of the water. their low levels of vitamins, as well as the concentration of volatile liquids, a lack that makes them virtually odorless. acidity is lower than that typically encountered in forest berries, and benzene acids are almost nonexistent.

4. Crowberry
Sambucus nigra flowers are used to produce elderflower friendly. France, Austria and Central Europe produce elderflower syrup, usually made ​​from flower extracts of elderflower, which added to the pancakes (Palatschinken) mixture instead of blueberries. Many people throughout the Middle East, and Southeast Europe using the same method to make a syrup which was diluted with water and used as a beverage. Based on this syrup, Fanta soft drink marketed a variety of so-called "Shokata" sold in 15 countries around the world. In the United States, this French elderflower syrup used to make elderflower marshmallows.
Wines, cordials and jams have been produced from citrus fruit. In Italy (especially in the Piedmont) and Germany also flowering of elderberries is coated batter, fried and then served as a dessert or sweet lunch with a sprinkling of sugar and cinnamon.
concave elderberry twigs have traditionally been used as spiles to tap maple trees for syrup.

5. Elderberry
natural way. Amla (Indian gooseberry) is used by women in ancient times to treat their manes. It can help you too. Ayurvedic texts are replete with references about the usefulness of amla as a hair tonic. Premature graying, hair loss, dull, limp and greasy hair - you name it and 'amla' seems to have a solution to your problem.
1. Apply a mixture of almond oil and gooseberry juice with finger tips on the scalp.
2. Boil one cup of dried gooseberry with 4 cups of water. Add a pinch of sugar in it. Keep boiling until the liquid reduces to one cup. Mix 2 cups of mehendi, eggs, water, lemon and gooseberry solution and apply on hair. Wash the hair after two hours.
3.Amla to prevent premature graying
Take a few amla and cut into pieces. Dry them in the shade. Boil the pieces in coconut oil till the solid becomes like charred dust. This darkish oil is excellent oil to prevent graying of hair. Massaging the scalp with amla oil induces sound sleep as well.
4.Amla as a conditioner
The water in which pieces are soaked overnight dry amla hair care and water can be used as a final rinse when washing your hair
5.Amla to prevent hair-loss
If you lose too much hair on your scalp, regular intake of amla not only prevents further hair thinning but also good for hair growth. Also wash your hair with fresh amla juice.

Drug benefits and home remedies with Amla (gooseberry):
* A tablespoon each of fresh gooseberry juice and honey mixed with a highly effective form of medicine for several diseases. Its regular use will promote the spirit in the body within a few days. When fresh fruit is not available, dry powder can be mixed with honey.
* A tablespoon of gooseberry juice, mixed with a cup of fresh bitter gourd juice, taken daily for 2 months will reduce blood sugar in diabetes. Diet restrictions should be considered when taking this medication.
* An equal quantity of amla powder, jamun and bitter gourd powder also makes a very useful drug for diabetics. A tablespoon of this mixture once or twice a day would be effective in checking the progress of the disease.
* It is considered effective for heart disease. It tones up the functions of all organs of the body and build up health by destroying the heterogeneous elements and renewing the body energy.
* Juice of Indian gooseberry, mixed with honey is useful in preserving eye sight. It also helps in the treatment of conjunctivitis and glaucoma. It reduces intraocular tension. A cupful of this juice should be taken mixed with honey twice a day in the case.
* The Indian gooseberry is useful in the treatment of rheumatism. One teaspoon of powder of dried fruit mixed with two teaspoons Jaggery should be taken twice daily for one month in this disease.
* Dried fruit is good for diarrhea and dysentery. A drink made ​​from amla mixed with lemon juice and Misri is considered beneficial in controlling acute bacillary dysentery.
* Gooseberry has revitalizing effects. It is effective in maintaining strength in old age. This improves durability and protects the body against infection. It strengthens the heart, hair and different glands in the body.
* A confection made ​​from preserved fruits are useful in chronic constipation and act as an immunity enhancer.
* A useful herb leaves and skin ulcers in the mouth and tongue as a gargle.
* An oil obtained from fruit, strengthen hair and promote hair growth.
This indian gooseberry

6. Grape
This is the season of wine. Both green and purple varieties are available throughout India. Wine can be had in a fruit salad, fresh fruit juice, or as raisins (kishmish) that can be inserted into the kheer or payasam.

Origin of the grapes is a matter of debate. Some believe it was first discovered in the Soviet Union. From here, said to have spread to West Asia, North Africa, India, Australia and other nations. Others believe that Central Asia is where the wineries are coming from. Each state develops its own method of planting in the vineyard, as a result of the flavor varies from country to country. There are over 400 kinds of wine in the world.

In India, several types of grapes that grow, including Europe and Australia. Wine is grown in Kashmir and northern Uttar Pradesh on a large scale. Pune, Coorg, Aurangabad and Hyderabad are famous for their vineyards. Hyderabad is a sweet variety with large seeds, while the northern Indian varieties mostly seedless.

This is the only fruit which has natural fructose and glucose (about 15 percent). In addition to being easily digested grape give a lot of energy. They also contain resinic acid, tartaric and mellic which helps to keep the kidneys and intestines in a healthy condition. Effect of alkali from grapes that are good for the body.

Grapes also contain vitamins, 1.3 mg iron, 0.8 percent per protein, calcium 0.02 per cent, 10.2 per cent carbohydrate, fat 0.1 per cent, 0.02 per cent phosphorus etc. It is said 45 to 50 calories can be obtained by consuming 100 grams of grapes. Nutrients present in this fruit make it part of a balanced diet. Doctors recommend grape pulp and juice for good health. Nutrient levels also depend on the size and type of wine.

However, it should be ripe grapes to get all the nutrients. Wine is also good for vision and assist in clearing sputum.

Wine, other than consumed fresh, also dried and used. Kishmish raisins or grapes have all the nutrients they have. In desert regions, where milk is scarce, wine nutritional supplement intake.

Our ancestors used grapes to cure some diseases. In fact, in the Sushruta Samhita, this fruit has been advocated for energy rejuvenation. It is also believed to help in the efficient function of the stomach by increasing blood circulation and digestion. If a person consumes 8 to 10 raisins, feeling tired old age can be overcome easily.

In the villages, dry wine that people use to eliminate phlegm. Ginger, dry milk and grapes are made ​​into a paste and consumed. Raisins soaked in warm water is ideal for the common cold. Wine to combat anemia, foul breath, constipation and improve vision. Beauty uses of this fruit juice for skin tones. Separate usability, which can resist delicious fruit?

7. Lingonberry
Lingonberry is a creeping, evergreen, sub-shrubs native to North America, Europe, and Asia. Widely distributed in the polar, alpine, and northern temperate forests. Fruit bright red to dark, strong-scented, and acids. Lingonberries contain beneficial nutrients such as vitamins and antioxidant polyphenol compounds.

8. Oregon-grape
Some of the Plateau Indian tribes of Oregon-grape used to treat dyspepsia.
This plant is used medicinally by the shaman. Recent studies indicate that M. aquifolium contains a specific multidrug resistance pump inhibitor (MDR Inhibitor) named 5'methoxyhydnocarpin (5'MHC) working to reduce bacterial resistance to antibiotics and antibacterial agents.
Oregon-grape root is commonly used medicinally as an effective alternative to goldenseal is threatened. Both contain the same plant alkaloids berberine, known as anti-inflammatory and anti-bacteria used in the treatment of infections. Mahonia aquifolium is also known for the treatment of inflammatory skin diseases such as Eczema and Psoriasis. Other actions may include replacement, diuretic, laxative and tonic.

9. Strawberry
Strawberry is the fruit of herbaceous plants have an average of 200 small seeds per one fruit. 700 of various types of strawberries. One type of species named Fragaria chiloensis L. This species is spread to many countries in America, Europe and Asia. other species is F. vesca L. This one is more widespread than any other species. Types of strawberries are also the first to enter Indonesia. Red color in ripe strawberry is very reasonable. The red color is caused because the fruit is rich in anthocyanin pigments and contain high antioxidants. Hearing the word antioxidants, you would already know that it means so much usefulness. And you're right! Strawberries exceptional nutrition store. In addition to these antioxidants, it is also rich in fiber, low in calories, and contain vitamin C, folate, potassium, and ellagic acid.

Want to know the nature of strawberries?
1. Strawberry able to shrink the cholesterol levels.
2. Strawberry can help immobilize the active work of cancer because it contains ellagic acid.
3. Strawberry able to reduce the symptoms of a stroke.
4. Strawberry contains anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory.
5. Concentrations of seven antioxidants in strawberries is higher than other fruits or vegetables, so that the strawberry is a fruit that effectively prevents the oxidation process in the body (Oxidation is the destruction of body tissues by free radicals. Oxidation is also responsible for the aging process.
6. Strawberry is rich in vitamin C is very beneficial for growing children.
7. Strawberry is just a little too sweet for people with a suitable diet for diabetics.
8. Strawberries are eaten regularly can smooth the skin and makes skin tones look brighter and cleaner. Other uses of the famous anti-wrinkle!
9. Strawberries can whiten or clean the tooth surface.
10. Strawberry potent against gout and arthritis.
11. Strawberry leaves are also nutritious because it has astringent substances.
Three to four cups of boiled water per day strawberry leaves, can effectively stop the attacks of diarrhea.
12. Adult requirement of vitamin C per day can be met by eight strawberry (98 mg). Also at the same bias fiber needs are met.

Purpose-side property is also still widely available in this fruit. For health, the strawberry is best eaten fresh, either whole or prepared juices. This works if you have to make jam or part of processed foods, will be greatly reduced. Therefore, try to eat fresh strawberries.

Be careful in storing this fruit, because the strawberry that has begun to decay can spread very quickly to the other strawberry stored simultaneously. Strawberry can hold four days in the refrigerator.
But in the freezer, this fruit can last for a month with proper storage.
Arrange strawberries in a one-one apart, then freeze. Once frozen, flush with water and put in plastic, then freeze again. I save like this is suitable for making juice.

With so many uses strawberries, rest assured that the fruit is called the fruit of love matches. Fruit can be a loving gift from you to your own body's health.

Emmm .. so get hooked make strawberry juice, strawberry unfortunately in Banjarmasin have a rare breed in that area wet and hot, hopefully in Banjarmasin strawberries cheap, so if you buy snacks strawberry better than cheaper than another.
May be useful.
10. Blackberry
Blackberry edible and medicinal. Used extensively by Native American tribes, has many uses other surprising. Leaves more often used as a medicinal herb, but the root also has medicinal value. eat the young shoots are harvested in the spring, peeled and used in salads. Delicious Blackberry can be eaten raw or made ​​into jelly or jam. The root bark and leaf-substance, depurative, diuretic, tonic and vulnerary. They make an excellent alternative medicine for dysentery, diarrhea, hemorrhoids, and cystitis.

The most substances is the root. Orally, they are used to treat sore throats, canker sores and gingivitis. A leaf herb is useful as a gargle in treating thrush and also makes a good general mouthwash. The existence of large amounts of tannins give blackberry roots and leaves of the effects of substances useful for treating diarrhea are also useful for soothing sore throats. A syrup is also made ​​of the Blackberry, using fruit and root bark in honey for a cough medicine.

11. Ribes
Blackfoot Indians used root blackcurrants (Ribes hudsonianum) for the treatment of kidney disease and menstrual problems and menopause. Cree Indians use the fruit of Ribes glandulosum as a fertility enhancer to help women become pregnant.
Raisins roots and seeds of high gamma-linolenic acid, also called GLA. GLA has been clinically verified as an effective treatment for premenstrual syndrome.

12. Hackberry
Some species are grown as an ornamental tree, valued for their drought tolerance. They have a tolerance of the most flexible of all types of wood. They are a regular feature of arboretums and botanical gardens, especially in North America. Chinese Hackberry (C. sinensis) is suitable for bonsai culture, while the magnificent specimen in Daegu-myeon is one of South Korea's natural monuments. Some, including the Common Hackberry (C. occidentalis) and C. brasiliensis, is a crop of honey and pollen sources for honey bees are less important.
Berry often eaten locally. Tea gamro cha Korea (감로차,甘露茶) containing leaf C. sinensis.

13. Mayapple
Ripe fruit can be eaten in moderation, even when consumed in large quantities of fruit are poisonous. Rhizome, leaves and roots are also toxic, mayapple contains podophyllotoxin, which is used as a cytostatic and topically in the treatment of genital warts and viruses.

14. Nannyberry
As suggested by the name of an alternative Sweet Viburnum, this fruit (not like that much Viburnums) eaten. The leaves and bark are also used by Native Americans in the preparation of herbal medicines.

15. Cranberry
Approximately 95% of cranberries are processed into products such as juice drinks, sauce, and sweetened dried cranberries. 5% is sold fresh to consumers.
Cranberry normally considered too sharp to be eaten plain and raw, because they not only acid but also bitter.
Cranberry juice is the main user of cranberries, sweet is usually better to make "cranberry juice cocktail" or blended with other fruit juices to reduce the weight of the natural bitterness. Many cocktails, including Cosmopolitan, made ​​with cranberry juice.
Usually cranberries as fruit are cooked into a compote or jelly, known as cranberry sauce. Preparations are usually served with roast turkey, as a staple of English Christmas dinner, and Canadian and U.S. Thanksgiving holiday. These berries are also used in baking (muffins, pastries and cakes). Less commonly, innovative cooking using cranberries to add tartness to savory dishes like soup and stew.
Fresh cranberries can be frozen at home, and will continue until nine months, they can be used directly in recipes without thawing.
Cranberry wine is made ​​in several areas that grow cranberries the United States either from whole cranberries, cranberry juice or cranberry juice concentrate.

16. honeysuckle
Honeysuckle is used in herbal cough medicine.

source: http://unikboss.blogspot.com/2010/10/17-jenis-buah-berry-berikut-khasiatnya.html


Pengobatan alternatif yang Aneh


Various diseases in the world is always followed by the need for appropriate medication to cure it. But not all drugs are able to heal quickly, or even none at all. For that reason, other than for the more expensive drug prices, people are turning to alternative medicine is natural and inexpensive.
But alternative medicine that was developed following very unusual and strange, because to cure a disease, for example, people were asked to drink frog juice, beer bath even eat (sorry) to eat dog feces. Here's the weirdest alternative medicine. Problem efficacious or not ... you should try it yourself!
1. Beetle juice to cure impotence
This is the original recipe to cure impotence Peru. Often referred to as the 'Peruvian Viagra', Extracto de shutter is reputedly the world's best aphrodisiac. Frog skinned and mixed with nuts, honey, aloe vera and maca (Latin American plant, known as kasiat erotic). Then gulp until exhausted to erect at once!
2. Drinking urine to cure cancer
This is not a new thing indeed, but it remains a strange drug. There are circles who believe drinking own urine can cure diseases like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, allergies and asthma. But the good effects of urine has not been proven in the medical world.
3. Beer bath in order to stay young
This recipe from the Czech youth. Starting from the city Chodova Plana in Czech Republic, the first beer opened a fitness center, offers a beer with mineral baths. Plus, the bar on the side of the tub.
4. Dirt Dogs for throat infection
If you get a throat infection that is quite severe but does not heal, even though you have gone anywhere, and drink a variety of drugs has also been desperate to cure it. Alternative medicine this one could be an alternative. This is the recipe: Dirt dogs that have been bleached as exposed to the air, mixed with a little honey, a drug to clear the throat infection ....
5. Stool for infection drug
Was feces or feces can be used to treat the intestinal infection, treatment can be carried out for 5 days. Stool samples taken from healthy people and then diluted to be inserted through the anus. Healthy bacteria will grow on the patient, which is then cured. Oh yes, the treatment can also be done via the nose ...
6. Maggots to heal the infection
Impulsive nature of the therapeutic use of maggots to eat the rotten meat. Perfect for cleaning the wound infection. Maggots are placed in the wound and they will parse the infected tissue, kill bacteria and heal. Of course after therapy, the maggots will be cleaned in order not to cause further infection.
8. Blood bat for eye infections
Ancient Egyptian society has experienced tough times during the plague of blindness that strike the area, because the bulk of the sun is high enough and compounded by the presence of desert storm. To address this problem, the doctors at the time of ancient Egypt using a bat that dripped blood on the patient's eyes. They think that the bat has an inside edge so that they use these drugs in patients



Anak-anak Indonesia 10 Permainan Klasik


1. Fortress game
is a game played by two groups, respectively - each consisting of 4 to 8 people. Each - each group to choose a place as a base, usually a pillar, stone or pillar as a 'fortress'.
The main objective of this game is to attack and take over the 'fortress' opponent by touching the pole or pillar that has been chosen by the opponent and shouting fort. The victory also can be achieved with a 'charming' all members of the opponent by touching their bodies. To determine who is entitled to 'trap' and a 'captive' is determined from the last time when the 'trap' or 'captive' touch 'fortress' their own - each.

2. Congklak
Congklak is a traditional game which is known by various names throughout Indonesia. Usually in the game, similar shells are used as seed congklak and if no, is sometimes used also seeds of plants.
Congklak game done by two people. In using the board game they called congklak and 98 boards (14 x 7) fruit seeds called beans or fruit congklak congklak. Generally congklak boards made ​​of wood and plastic, while the seeds are made ​​of shells, seeds, stones, marbles or plastic. On board there are 16 pieces congklak hole consisting of 14 small holes facing each other and two large holes on either side. Every 7 small hole in the side of the player and the big hole in the side kananya regarded as belonging to the player.
At the beginning of the game every small hole is filled with seven seeds. Two players are facing, one who can pick holes begin to be captured and put one into the hole on his right and so on. When the seeds out in a small pit that contains the seeds of another, he can take the seeds and continue to fill, can be discharged in a large aperture of hers so she can proceed with selecting a small hole in its side. when discharged at a small hole in the side so he quit and took all the seeds on the opposite side. But when stopped at an empty hole on the opposite side so he quit and did not get anything.
The game is considered complete when no more can dimabil beans (whole beans in a big hole both players). The winner is who gets the highest seed.

3. Dor Tap
Tap Dor is a game similar to hide and seek, but played by the two groups. First group managed to mention the name of the opponent is hiding can be interpreted that the opponent is hit by gunfire. The game ends if one group is up shot.

4. Galah Asin
Galah Salted or in another area called Galasin or Gobak Sodor is a kind of game regions of Indonesia. This game is a game group consisting of two groups, where each team consists of 3-5 people. The essence of the game is facing the opponent that can not pass through the line to the last line back and forth, and to win the entire group should complete the process back and forth within a predetermined area of the field.
The game is usually played on the badminton court with reference lines that exist or can be by using a rectangular field with a size of 9 x 4 m which is divided into 6 sections. The boundary line of each section is usually marked with chalk. Group members who had a turn to keep the field is divided into two, namely members of the group who keep the line horizontal and vertical lines. For group members who have a duty to keep the horizontal lines, then they will try to hinder their opponents are also trying to pass the boundary line which has been determined as a free boundary. For group members who have a duty to maintain the vertical line (usually only one person), then this person has access to the entire vertical line located in the middle of the field. This game is very exciting and extremely difficult because each person must always be on guard and ran as fast as possible if necessary to achieve victory.

5. Top
Tops are toys that can rotate on the shaft and berkesetimbangan at some point. Top is oldest toys found at various archaeological sites and still be recognizable. In addition to the toys of children and adults, also tops used for gambling and divination fate.
Most tops are made ​​of wood, although often made ​​of plastic, or other materials. Wood carved and shaped up to be the body of a top. Strap tops are generally made ​​of nylon, while the top rope traditionally made ​​from the bark of trees. The length of strap tops vary depending on the length of the arms of people who play.

6. Rounders
Rounders or Gebokan is a kind of ball sports. Games that made ​​these 2 groups using a tennis ball as a tool to shoot opponents and rock piles to be spliced. Anyone who managed to pile up the stone quickly without a hit ball is a group that won the game. At the beginning of the game, determined in advance which groups will be the initial guards and a group that pursued by suit. The group that to be a guardian should immediately catch the ball as soon as possible after the pile of stones collapsed by the group being pursued. If the ball had touched the opponent, then the group whose members touched the ball into keeper pile of stones. Cooperation is needed among members of groups like the sport of softball or baseball.

7. Kite
Kite game, also known by the name of one aktivititas kite is flying the kite in the air. In the dry season in Indonesia, the kids are always playing a kite for big wind.

8. Hide and seek
Starting with Hompimpa to determine who the "cat" (a role as a seeker of his friends are hiding). The cat would eventually close my eyes or turn around while counting to 25, usually him facing a wall, tree or anything what so she would not see her friends moving to hide. After the count of ten, he began looking for his friends to act them.
If he finds his friend, he will call his name he found it. What is, when he sought he usually had to leave the place (base). Place if touched by another friend who hid it batallah all your friends are found, meaning that he must repeat again, where-friends-friends who have found release and will hide again. Then the cat will calculate and search again.
The game is finished after all friends are found. And the first was found to be the next cat.
There is one more term in this game, the 'fire' in question here is if your friends are hiding cat caught by the cat because the cat was told by a friend who had been found earlier than hiding.

9. Yo-yo
Yo-yo is a game composed of two equal-sized discs (usually made ​​of plastic, wood, or metal) which is connected with an axis, in which the coiled rope is used. One end of the rope attached to the axis, while the other end is free and is usually given link. Game of yo-yo is one of the games are popular in many parts of the world. Although generally considered a children's game, not a few adults who have professional skills in playing the yo-yo.

Played with a yo-yo by hooking the free end of the rope on the middle finger, holding the yo-yo, and threw it down with a smooth motion. When the rope stretched on the axis, gyroscopic effects will occur, which gives time to do some movements. By moving the wrist, the yo-yo can be returned to the player's hand, where the rope will be rolled back in the gap axis

10.Balap Sacks
Sack race is traditionally one of the popular race on the day Indonesia's independence. A number of participants required to enter the lower body into a sack and then race to the finish line.
Although often criticized because they encourage unhealthy spirit of competition and the activities of rah-rah, sack race remains were encountered, as well as climbing race nut, clogs, and eating crackers.

source: http://unikboss.blogspot.com/2010/10/10-permainan-klasik-anak-indonesia.html

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