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Sanitary Experiment Former thief sentenced

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Stevens Point-A young resident of Amherst, Ohio, United States, was sentenced to 30 months of trial and social work 200 hours, after being convicted of stealing a number of used sanitary napkins.

CBS News website reported on Friday (4 / 6), Dillon Makuski (20), at the end of September last year was caught in a house in Amherst. He then handed over to police.
When searched, the pocket former Makuski found six pads. Answering questions homeowners, the young man admitted he was happy to wear pads used. Top disorder suffered Makuski, the court also ordered that he undergo a psycho-sexual.
aya aya wae ....


Eligible Astra collected


JAKARTA - The rise in world commodity prices are expected to provide an opportunity for Indonesia to strengthen exchanges on next week's trading session. Head of MNC Securities Research said Edwin Sebayang began rising prices of commodities such as crude oil, gold, palm oil, and nickel will give a positive sentiment for the movement Composite Stock Price Index (CSPI).
"It was also supported by a sharp rise in U.S. stock amounting to 1.45 percent and European stock average rose 1 percent," he described.
Edwin also added JCI also likely to strengthen over the release of the issuer's financial statements the third quarter of 2011 with average total growth in earnings per share (EPS) grew issuers still above 30 percent.
"Growth in average earnings per share (EPS) in Indonesia Stock Exchange listed companies are still showing a positive thing and not too affected by the global ksisis," he said.
He also recommends the stock a decent collection, among others, PT Astra International Tbk (ASII), PT United Tractors Tbk (UNTR), PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia Tbk (BBRI), PT AKR Corporindo (AKR), PT Bukit Asam Tbk (PTBA) , PT Adaro Energy Tbk, and PT Astra Agro Lestari Tbk (Aali).
"JCI will move with a range of support-resistance at 3600's level." He added volatility index is higher, especially after approaching critical le vel 3600. He estimates that for the short term, JCI will be captured in 3580 as a support level that is strong enough.
"This correction is necessary to strengthen the JCI reversal back to the range of 3800," he said. INDOFILES.ORG


SBY Cabinet reshuffle


"SBY is very concerned in this aspect of local origin, religion and gender."

Inauguration of United Indonesia Cabinet II
President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, which revolutionized the United Indonesia Cabinet volume II, some time ago, could raise the political temperature of the ground water. Democratic Party Chairman, Department of Finance Ikhsan Modjo explain what a consideration of SBY in overhauling his ministers.
"First, the evaluation of performance and integrity that comes from the report UKP4," said Ikhsan in a discussion in Jakarta, Saturday, October 22, 2011.
Second, the need for ministerial positions to be exact. "The three portfolio ministers and background of the candidates themselves," he added.
Fourth, pay attention to the input and the aspirations of the community, including input from political parties because the parties are the elements of society. And, finally, aspects of unity and plurality. "SBY is very concerned in this aspect of local origin, religion and gender. Perhaps the sight of trivial, but in a great unity is very important. "
Here's the full array of United Indonesia Cabinet-II after the reshuffle.
1. Coordinating Minister for Politics: Djoko Suyanto (fixed)
2. Coordinating Minister for Economy: Hatta Rajasa (fixed)
3. Coordinating Minister for People's Welfare: Agung Laksono (fixed)
4. Secretary of State: Sudi Silalahi (fixed)
5. Interior Minister: Gamawan Fauzi (fixed)
6. Minister of Foreign Affairs: Marty Natalegawa (fixed)
7. Defense Minister: Purnomo Yusgiantoro (fixed)
8. Minister of Justice and Human Rights: Amir Shamsuddin (new)
9. Minister of Finance: Agus Martowardojo (fixed)
10. Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources: Jero Wacik (new)
11. Minister of Industry: MS Hidayat (fixed)
12. Trade Minister: Gita Wirjawan (new)
13. Minister of Agriculture: Suswono (fixed)
14. Minister of Forestry: Zulkifli Hasan (fixed)
15. Minister of Transportation: EE Mangindaan (new)
16. Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries: Sharif Cicip Sutardjo (new)
17. Minister of Manpower and Transmigration: Muhaimin Iskandar (fixed)
18. Minister of Public Works: Djoko Kirmanto (fixed)
19. Minister of Health: Endang Rahayu Sedyaningsih (fixed)
20. Minister of Education and Culture: M. Noah (fixed)
21. Minister of Social Affairs: Salim Al Segaf Jufrie (fixed)
22. Minister of Religion: Suryadharma Ali (fixed)
23. Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy: Mari Elka Pangestu (new)
24. Minister of Communications and Information: Tifatul Sembiring (fixed)
25. State Minister for Research and Technology: Gusti Muhammad Hatta (new)
26. State Minister for Cooperatives and SMEs: Syarief Hasan (fixed)
27. Minister of Environment: Berth Kambuaya (new)
28. State Minister of Women and Child Protection: Linda Agum Gumelar (fixed)
29. Minister of Administrative Reform and Bureaucratic Reform: Azwar Abubakar (new)
30. State Minister for Development of Disadvantaged Regions: Helmy Faisal Zaini (fixed)
31. State Minister for National Development Planning / Head of Bappenas: Armida Alisjahbana (fixed)
32. State Minister for State Owned Enterprises: Dahlan Iskan (new)
33. Minister of Public Housing: Djan Faridz (new)
34. Minister of Youth and Sports: Andi Mallarangeng (fixed)
Deputy Vice-Minister of the new:
1. Deputy Minister of Agriculture Rusman Heriawan
2. Deputy Minister of Education and Cultural Affairs Culture Wiendu Nurianti
3. Deputy Minister of National Education and Culture Education Musliar Eunuch
4. Deputy Minister of PAN and Bureaucratic Reform Eko Prasodjo
5. Deputy Finance Minister Mahendra Siregar
6. Vice Minister of Commerce Krisnamurthi
7. Deputy Minister for SOEs Mr. Yasin
8. Deputy Minister of Health Ali Gufron Mukti
9. Deputy Foreign Minister Wardana
10. Deputy Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Nirwandar
11. Deputy Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Widjajono Partowidagdo
12. Deputy Minister of Religious Affairs Nasaruddin Umar
13. Deputy Minister of Justice and Human Rights Denny Indrayana
Deputy Minister of the old:
1. Deputy Defence Minister Sjafrie
2. Deputy Industry Minister Alex Retraubun
3. Deputy Minister of Transportation Bambang Susantono
4. Vice Minister of National Development Planning Lukita Dinarsyah Tuwo
5. Deputy Finance Minister Anny Ratnawati
6. Deputy Minister of Public Works Hermanto Dardak
Head of State Intelligence Agency
1. Lt. Gen. Norman Marciano
Sources: indonews.org


This Teh Milk


Quote this unusual way Boi .. try drinking the Under ini.Cekijrot Clay!



This new way of drinking tea Boi box ..
hehehe ...
This milk tea ..,,, aka tea nyamplok in milk ...


7 Wonders of the World (A Lo)


(C) happiebbSebenarnya 7 Wonders of the World instead of magnificent buildings that but ..

KapanLagi.com - The disciples of a school in Chicago was the first mengah learn about the 7 Wonders of the World. At the end of the lesson, the students were asked to list what they consider to be the 7 Wonders of the World. Although there are several different opinions, the most widely shown that 7 Wonders of the World are:

1. The biggest pyramid in Egypt

2. Taj Mahal in India

3. Grand Canyon in Arizona

4. Panama Canal

5. The Empire State Building in New York

6. St. Peter's Basilica

7. Great wall of China

While collecting a list of the 7 Wonders of the World, the teacher noticed a student, a quiet girl. This girl is still busy with his list, so the teacher asked if she had problems with his job. This quiet girl replied, "Yes, there is a slight problem. I am confused as to determine 7 Wonders of the World because there are so many miracles in this world." His teacher answered, "Well, tell us the list you have, and maybe we can help."

The little girl hesitated, then read the list that he had, "I think the 7 Wonders of the World are:

1. Could touch

2. Can speak

3. Can see

4. Could be heard (She hesitated again, then turned back to ..)

5. Could feel

6. Can laugh

7. And can love "

The classroom was quiet at once, everyone can hear even when there is a coin that had fallen in the room.

This little story reminds us that sometimes the little things and looks normal is the most beautiful thing we have. We forget to be grateful for what we got, while many people out there who can not hear, the blind, can not laugh because grief afflicted, and the war in any case where we showed a lack of love of neighbor.

Grateful to the little things will make us appreciate what we have. Make the world seem beautiful with love and peace is a miracle that we never realize. So, be Thankful to God for everything He has given for us! (Wo / dione / WSW)



Call 10 911 People are Ridiculous


this time we will feature 10 people who called 911 because of silly reasons. Starting from a sense of funny, weird and wonder bercampir become one if you see the following article.
Okay immediately wrote, Check it out:

1. A woman who called the police to take ngedate

2. A woman who called the police because it was locked in his own car

3. A lonely man who called police about 27 000 times

4. A woman who called the police because McDonald's McNuggets run out of stock

5. A wife who called the police to make her husband stop watching porn

6. Children 4 years old who called the police because they could not finish his math homework

7. A woman who called the police because they do not get a lot of shrimp in fried rice

8. A couple called the police because of cold feet

9. a man called the police because it is not allowed to enter the Night Club

10. A man who called the police because the police ticket

http://surgaberita.blogspot.com/2011/10/10-orang-yang-menelepon-911-karena.html # ixzz1bUR2n1qR


Inilah Super Tentara Di Masa Depan


Technology in the world continues to evolve. In 2020, the military around the world will be able to take advantage of technology like never before in human history. With technologies such as robotics and nanotechnology, then we will be able to create super soldiers of the future.
Here is the definitive characteristics of super soldiers in the battlefield of the future:
Originally Posted by 1. Super Human Strength
Soldiers of the future will be supported framework intelligent machines that will double his physical strength. With this super frame, either using robotic technology or nanotechnology, this army will be able to move / run faster, longer, carrying heavy loads by simply removing a bit of energy.

Expenses that can be lifted with the technological enhancement is expected to operate more than 200 kg. Soldiers will also be able to carry larger weapons which previously could only be carried by military vehicles, and carrying ammunition which is more complete. When his friend was hurt, then he can lift his friend very easily.
Originally Posted by 2. Protective clothing Super With Nanotechnology
Clothes future soldiers will be much stronger than Kevlar and super lightweight. This is possible by using a nanotechnology material that is super strong. Some materials such as carbon nanotubes nanotechnology exceed the rigors of even the diamond.

This shirt will be much more resistant to even a large-caliber bullet, hold a very powerful blast, even resistant to extreme weather such as extreme heat or cold.

Currently widely used is the material of metal or ceramic composites, heavy weight and flexibility and mobility disrupt the army. While the clothes that nanotechnology will be strengthened as light and flexible as ordinary clothing of fabric. This makes these soldiers will be able to move more quickly and efficiently (rapid movement).

Even the U.S. Defense Department is conducting research protective clothing that is able to anticipate the arrival of shells as well as airbags in cars a class above. When the bullet came, and the super-sophisticated sensor will immediately strengthen the objectives that will be affected by these bullets.
Originally Posted by 3. Stealth Technology / Predator Effect
With nanotechnology materials technology that is able to adapt, this army clothes can change appearance according to its surroundings. The bottom line is this army apart deadly, will also be difficult to be seen by the enemy.
Spoiler for pic:

His clothes will change color to black at night, he will be colored dark green in the woods, colored sand in a desert, or white in winter. When he was in the urban areas, or at a party, so dress smart nanotechnology it will adjust by itself.
Originally Posted by 4. Advanced Tech Helmet Hud
Helmet-supported digital display technology will be able to provide views and information super detail from the battlefront. You can see what you do not see your enemy.

Helmet will be equipped with standard equipment that infra-red rays to see in darkness, also advanced screen-HUD (Heads Up Display, like the ones in advanced fighter aircraft) capable of providing tactical and strategic views, data and information real-time battlefield through Satellite.
Through the screen, the soldiers would know exactly the position and number of enemies. In a relaxed moment, this screen can also be to watch a DVD, Discovery Channel, and other channels.

This helmet also features a speaker who used to receive instructions and information directly from the operational headquarters, squad leader, and can also be used for listening to MP3 songs that play songs.
Originally Posted by 5. Supporting the sophisticated equipment
In addition to the above advantages, this technology also comes with a variety of equipment that supports the comfort of the soldiers of the future.

Drinking water bag that can be modified to six different kinds of beverages, from energy drinks, jasmine tea, juice, avocado, until coffee milk for night operations.

Mechanical devices with nanotechnology can do massage, acupuncture and massage akupressure in the shoulder, neck, arms, back and legs.

Soldiers will carry ration that allows it to survive in 6 days. After that, if necessary soldiers can easily use advanced satellite-based telecommunications system that can be used for calling.
ane if deign so much from the same auxiliary aids and do not ane



Ini adalah wajah pembunuh osama bin laden


Spoiler for Osama Bin Laden:

nah ga tw agan "spa intelligence who succeeded in killing him?
see the news below aja ni ni ..

Spoiler for her ni gan News:

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, WASHINGTON - Typically an intelligence, the figure of Michael G Vickers, very much different from the description of secret agents in Hollywood films.

Vickers even more similar to an attorney who neatly, with a black suit, white shirt, and sunglasses. Not someone who understands about Stinger missiles or guns AK-47.

Vickers brother, Richard, who worked as a civil hospital, said, "Every time I introduce my sister to my friends, they always said he was very polite. They thought he was working at the library."

In the book Charlie Wilson's War, which was appointed by the Hollywood movie, Vickers described as a romantic figure of intelligence agents and hooked the James Bond films.

Vickers attended Hollywood High School. He had been dreaming so athletes. But failed and swerved so members of the Special Forces Green Beret in 1973 at the age of 19 years. "It was so Green Beret It sounds really cool," he said.

Over the next 10 years, Vickers learned to be a capable intelligence agencies. He can go skydiving with nuclear weapons. Learn about Soviet weaponry, and participated in the liberation of hostages in Honduras.

In 1983, Vickers joined the CIA's paramilitary units. He was sent to Lebanon to gather intelligence data related to the bombing of U.S. Marine barracks in Beirut in 1983. Shortly thereafter, Vickers began to deal with matters of the Mujahideen in Afghanistan.

Vickers resigned from the CIA in 1986. For 20 years after that he was busy in a number of research institutes and universities (Vickers graduated from the Wharton School master's and doctoral from Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies).

President George W Bush was impressed with the expertise of Vickers when he was invited to a meeting related to the current situation in Iraq. Vickers then entered into the Defense Secretary Robert Gates and his team continue to the administration of President Obama.

"Vickers is the only person who understands about business (Alqaidah) this," said Deputy CIA Director Michael J Morell's house when the raid to Osama, last May.

Long before the raid on the headquarters of Osama in Abbottabad, Vickers has been taking care of stuff intelligence reports from Pakistan. Vickers is proposed that the United States sent Navy SEAL team to the home Osama. While many high-ranking U.S. Department of Defense and the Pentagon objected to his plan as too risky.

Now, 10 years after the events of 9 / 11 that destroyed the World Trade Center twin towers, Vickers was still struggling with Alqaidah. He mentioned going to be a director of the CIA in the future. But he did not relax their surveillance over Alqaidah, "They're still very dangerous," he said.


Spoiler for Profile Michael G Vickers:

Spoiler for ni gan .. photo:

Spoiler for lg cool ni:

Michael G. Vickers (born 1953) was confirmed as the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence by the U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee on March 16, 2011. [Citation needed] Before Becoming USD-I, Vickers served as United States Assistant Secretary of Defense for Special Operations and Low Intensity Conflict. [1] [2] He is a former Army Special Forces non-commissioned officer and officer, as well as a Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) paramilitary operations officer from Their elite Special Activities Division. [3] While in the CIA, he played a key role in the arming of the resistance to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. [4] His role is featured in George Crile's 2003 book Charlie Wilson's War, and in the 2007 movie adaptation in the which he is played by actor Christopher Denham.

From 1973 to 1986, Mr.. Vickers served as a Army Special Forces NCO, later as a commissioned officer, and CIA paramilitary operations officer. In the mid-1980s, Vickers Became INVOLVED with Operation Cyclone, the CIA program to arm Islamist Mujahideen During the Soviet war in Afghanistan. He was the head strategist for the U.S. military, coordinating an effort INVOLVED That ten countries and Providing direction to forces made ​​up of over 500,000 Afghan fighters. [5] Later he was Senior Vice President, Strategic Studies, at the Center for Strategic and budgetary Assessments (CSBA), During the which he provided advice on Iraq strategy to U.S. President George HW Bush and his war cabinet. [5] In July 2007 he was confirmed by the United States Senate as Assistant Secretary of Defense, where he is the senior civilian advisor to the U.S. Secretary of Defense on matters Such as "counter-terrorism" strategy and operational employment of special operations forces, strategic forces, and conventional forces. [6] In 2004, he wrote an Op-Ed piece for USA Today in the which he Stated That the United States can be Successful in Iraq by using a much Smaller force modeled on its deployment in Afghanistan. [7]
[Edit] Personal

Vickers Attended the University of Alabama, where he graduated with honors, and went on to attend the Wharton Business School at the University of Pennsylvania from the which he received an MBA. He earned a Ph.D. in International Relations / Strategic Studies from the Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) under Professor Eliot A. Cohen. He is married with five daughters.

Spoiler for its Indonesian:

Michael G. ("Mike") Vickers was nominated by President Barack Obama as Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence (USDI) on September 29, 2010, and unanimously confirmed by the Senate of the United States on March 17, 2011. Vickers served as Acting Secretary of the USDI January 28, 2011, until March 17, 2011, and Assistant Secretary as the first and only of Defense for Special Operations / Low-Intensity Mutual & Capabilities (ASD SO / LIC & IC) from July 23, 2007 until March 17, 2011. His ministry had lasted from the second administration of President George W. Bush and President Barack Obama.

As USDI, Secretary Vickers is the principal intelligence adviser to the Minister of Defense. He exercises authority, direction, and control on behalf of the Minister of Defense on all intelligence organizations within the Department of Defense, including the National Security Agency, Defense Intelligence Agency, National Geospatial Intelligence Agency, National Reconnaissance Office, and the intelligence components of the combatant commands and military services. Vickers is the Program Executive Secretary to the Military Intelligence Program. He also hates doubles as Director of Defense Intelligence in the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, and reports to the DNI in this capacity. He is the primary interface with the Department of the Central Intelligence Agency and other elements of the Intelligence Community, and represents the Department on sensitive intelligence and operations at a meeting of the Committee and Deputy Head of the National Security Council.

As the ASD (SO / LIC & IC) from July 23, 2007 until March 17, 2011, Secretary of Vickers has oversight of global operations, and served as a senior civilian adviser to the Minister of Defense on counterterrorism, irregular warfare and special activities. He played a central role in shaping U.S. strategy for war with al Qaeda, and the war in Afghanistan. He has the ability to control the operational core (strategic forces, conventional forces and special operations forces) of the Department of Defense, as well as functional combatant command (the United States Strategic Command, Special Operations Command, Combined Forces Command and Transportation Command). With Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, he supervision of the application of power (maneuver and fires) joint capability areas.

From 1973 to 1986, Vickers served as Secretary of the Army Special Forces Non-Commissioned Officer, Special Forces Officer, and CIA Operations Officer. He had operational and combat experience in Central America and the Caribbean, the Middle East, and Central and South Asia. His operational experience includes covert action and espionage, conventional war, counterterrorism, counter, and foreign internal defense. During the mid-1980s, the Secretary Vickers is the main strategy for the largest covert action program in CIA history: the paramilitary operation that drive the Soviet troops out of Afghanistan. From 1996-2007, the Secretary Vickers was Senior Vice President, Strategic Studies, the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessment.

Secretary Vickers holds a Bachelor of Arts, with honors, from the University of Alabama, Master of Business Administration from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, and a Doctor of Philosophy in International Relations / Strategic Studies from the Johns Hopkins University.



Tanyakan * Kontes Kecantikan Komite Jatah S ks kepada Peserta Untuk Menang


One of the contestants of Miss Asia Pacific 2011 held in Busan Yachting Center, South Korea, October 15, 2011, go to vote on the voting system in elections Worldwide beauty pageant queen. As reported by The Sun, Friday (10/21/2011). Kontestanl recognition from the UK named Amy Willerton (19), he withdrew from the contest after three days to come.

Amy Willerton resign because some men from the international beauty pageant organizers had asked him sex in exchange for voting

Willerton resign because some men from the international beauty pageant organizers had asked him sex in return for voting. The fair-haired brunette is claiming sexual harassment from the organizers to invite him in a luncheon and discussion regarding voting in exchange for sex.

When he reported it to police, he was very surprised that a number of important people in the organization's organizers openly bribe the police so as not to accept the report. After returning to England, Willerton new beauty contest winner found out that it fell into the hands of representatives from South Korea.

At night the Grand Final of Miss World Asia Pacific which took place in Busan Yachting Center, South Korea, October 15, 2011, was selected winner of the top five. Contestants from Korea Park Sae Byul managed to become the winner of Miss World Asia Pacific 2011. While Florima Treiber of France won two (Runner Up 1), Anna Botova from Russian champions three (Runner Up 2).

While Alessandra Usman of Indonesia won four (Runner Up 3), and Tanvi Singla of India champion five (Runner Up 4).
Puteri Indonesia Tourism to-15 (2010), Alessandra Usman Khadija, had won four or Runner Up 3, and the winner of the Best Awards Style Dress Miss World Asia Pacific 2011 in South Korea.

Contestants from Korea Park Sae Byul managed to become the winner of Miss World Asia Pacific 2011. While Florima Treiber of France won two (Runner Up 1), Anna Botova from Russian champions three (Runner Up 2), Alessandra Usman of Indonesia won four (Runner Up 3)

So if the events experienced by Amy also happened to the participants who won? there has been no news to explain it? At least this is true even if there had tarnished the credibility of this kind of contest organizers and fishing guess guess that the participants who managed to win might be willing to accept an offer from the committee as requested on Amy, I hope not.



Fakta Terjadi konflik Palestina - Israel



Here are the Facts That Happen Palestinian conflict - Israel

for more complete source who check in spoiler in this trit ..
sources only ane ga dr who take pro palestine but also
explanation of why the media rarely discuss this because they lack the guts
except Republika.co.id

Israel and allies atrocities actually not a secret anymore.


Spoiler for 1:

Did Agan that the Palestinian population residing in the area Israel had to use a vehicle with paint and a special color to distinguish between the races besides Jews and Jews? [Warnya dirahasiain dteror let ga ma israel org]

Spoiler for 2:

Did you know that eastern Jerusalem, the West Bank, Gaza and the Golan Heights
regarded by the international community especially the west and America as a region
Israel occupied and is not part of Israel? [Even the Allies wrote mengakuin israel israel's occupation but still reasonable diem wrote his name ally]

Spoiler for 3:

Did you know that Israel allocates 85% of water is given to the Jewish race and
Distribute the remaining 15% for the entire Palestinian population residing in the region
Israel? In reality, Israel is allocated 85% of water is given to 400 residents
Jews in Hebron, while 15% were allocated to 120's of thousands of Palestinians in
that area? [Severe ga just attacked by land and by air but until aer the sabotage] is more complete click dsini

Spoiler for 4:

Did you know that Americans allocate 5 billion U.S. $ of income tax each year to contribute to Israel? [$ 1 = Rp.8.600 X 5 billion = gmn ga lot of israel have a full arsenal this much fund Quote dpt] source = harvard.edu

Spoiler for 5:

Did you know that America continues to provide military assistance to Israel amounted to 1.8 billion U.S. $ every year? And did you know that the amount was equal to the contribution of America to the entire country on the African continent? [Turns 5M $ above is not for the cost of the war .. it turns out there is again an additional $ 1.8m] source = harvard.edu

Spoiler for 6:

Did you know that Israel is also waiting for help to battle an additional $ 4 billion U.S. $ of America consisting of F 16 fighter planes, Apache and Blackhawk? And because America is a major coalition of State for Israel, it shall provide all facilities required Israel to guarantee its existence. [5M + $ 1.8m $ 4M Still not ask again]
source = harvard.edu

Spoiler for 7:

Did you know that the American government has been pressing Congress about the Israeli violations in the use of weapons that they tune it? Especially a in 1978, 1979 and in 1982 the war in Lebanon and the use of nuclear weapons in 1981. [Lagi2 Americans are imaginable usilnya hands behind Israel's nuclear ban slama ini.mereka but instead make-]
Source = anu.edu.au

Spoiler for 8:

Did you know that Israel is the only country in the Middle East who refused to sign a ban on nuclear weapons development? And refused Investigation Team
UN to inspect its nuclear hideout? [But UN Iraq diem klo mpe wrote in acak2]

Spoiler for 9:

Did you know that before the founding of Israel in 1948, already has a factory
Development of nuclear weapons? [Surely the Americans are so kebaca]
source = nuclearfiles.org

Spoiler for 10:

Did you know that the Israeli High Officers in the Department of War to admit openly that the Israeli military killing all Palestinian prisoners of war without trial? [Lagi2 ga human rights apply for the Palestinian people]
Source = Jewwatch

Spoiler for 11:

Did you know that Israel's place of residence of the exploding American diplomats and American warships attacked the Liberty in international waters in 1967? Although the attack killed 33 American soldiers and wounded another 177, but the Americans did not take any action against Israel? Only on the grounds that the Israeli army misdirected? [Amrik Quote weird rakyatny willing to sacrifice for their country this meddlesome 1]

Spoiler for 12:

Did you know that Israel is the country most widely ignore the UN Security Council resolutions? The number of resolutions ignored by Israel reached 69 units. Imagine if an Islamic state ignores a UN resolution, what will be done by Americans? [DORRR! It was the attack that occurred in Iraq and Afghanistan]

Spoiler for 13:

Did you know that the Israeli government to use the political system of conservation of Jewish racial identity in order to remain a citizen of that State? [Less ideology ane what is conservation]

Spoiler for 14:

Did you know that Israel's Supreme Court has determined Prime Minister Ariel Sharon as a suspect in the massacre of Shabra and Syatilla on September 16, 1982 in Lebanon that killed more than 1,000 Palestinians were composed of children, women and elderly people [but ga on apaain]

Spoiler for 15:

Did you know that on May 20, 1990, an Israeli soldier told the Palestinian workers who were waiting for a bus at a bus stop to sit in rows on the ground, after which he fired at them from the history of half a meter? Up again you know that the Israeli government declared the soldier was not guilty, and even received a special award from the Israeli government? [Sad]
Spoiler for 16:

Did you know that until 1988, all factories and offices in Israel may only be
attach a job description with the words: "a job only for the Jewish race", "sought an employee on condition of the Jewish race" [evidence racist Jewish nation]

Spoiler for 17:

Did you know that the Israeli Foreign Ministry pays six U.S. media companies to create a positive image of Israel to the United States and Europe? [Could bnget money politics kya Indonesian political party]

Spoiler for 18:

Did you know that Sharon invited radical Molodeit Party to become a major coalition in the cabinet? Though the party's radical ideology with the perception of the subject
cleanse Israel of Jews and non-racial forcible expulsion of all Palestinians from Israel? ['m dibata newbie ni the party]

Spoiler for 19:

Did you know that the big monk in Israel who is also founder Joseph Ofadya Syas Party (the third largest party in Israel) supported the military action of Israel to kill Palestinians? He even issued a fatwa radical at the feast of Passover ago in an interview in a radio network the largest in Israel: "God will repay all the evil Arabs, God will destroy the seed, finish him off and destroying the land and God will reward them with a grievous penalty. Therefore prohibited all Jewish race to provide a sense of compassion for the Arabs, and obligatory for every Jew to fire missiles and gun to the chest and the head of every Arab citizen to finish him off, because they were evil and accursed creatures "... ...
[Sadis ni super racist org !!!...]

Spoiler for 20:

Did you know that Palestinian refugees in the world? [They are scattered in many parts of the world lebanon.Arab.malaysia.Qatar.indonesia.dll]

Spoiler for 21:

Did you know that the population of Palestinian Christians are united with Muslim Palestinians to fight the Jewish occupiers? [Blum know later sought out good bnget ni]

Spoiler for 22:

You know, even though Israel's Supreme Court has issued a decision banning torture in the examination process, but Shinbet (Israeli Intelligence) continues to torture any Palestinian fighters in its inspection process? [Ahh .. it's Sepik MA israel ..]

Spoiler for 23:

Did you know that even if Israel continues to disrupt the learning process and destroy the entire infrastructure of educational facilities and the Palestinians, but Palestinians remain the largest country in the world whose inhabitants hold a doctorate (S3)? This is when seen from the percentage of the population. [Smoga this gara2 Palestinians could return forward]

Spoiler for 24:

Did you know that Israel's first Prime Minister David Ben-Gorion agreed to move the entire race forcible expulsion of Israeli Arabs? [Kaco pdhal ga smuwa race arab muslim .. one more proof of this a racist nation

Spoiler for 25:

Did you know that every human being has the same rights guaranteed by international human rights law issued on December 10, 1948? But did you know that the law did not apply to the Palestinian population? Because it prevented the signing of the Oslo agreement?
[The UN considers as Palestinians are not human]

Spoiler for 26:

Did you know that the majority of the world's history books say the States
Israeli Arabs who attack first in the 1967 war? When in fact, actually Israel that the Arab nations attacked first and then they took the city of Al-Quds and the West Bank? But they said that the attack was an attack to keep yourself and anticipation? [Clever twist facts pdhal paletina attacked in 1948]

Spoiler for 27:

Did you know that Israel as a colonial state was not bound by the Geneva convention to safeguard the rights and safety of Palestinian civilians? [The civilians involved are strictly prohibited within the field of battle]

Spoiler for 28:

Did you know that the order Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is no longer followed by the Israeli military? One example is when he forbade the Israeli military to conduct an immediate ceasefire and are prohibited from firing, but the Israeli military continued to attack, opened fire on Palestinian civilians and destroying their homes. The incident was the most heartbreaking you slaughter the three Palestinian women, when they are in his tents? [Very sad]

Spoiler for 29:

Did you know that Israel continues to make great efforts to destroy Al Aqsa Mosque and Dome of the Rock since 50 years ago by digging underground mosque to collapse on itself? [Certain other later dbarengi same conspiracy.]

Spoiler for 30:

Did you know that South African President Nelson Mandela said that Israel is a State of racism and apartheid like conditions in South Africa before he led? [I stuju Mr. Mandela]


Mungkin maksud Anda adalah: Ask the Beauty Contest Committee Rations * ks to Participants To Win Ketikkan teks atau alamat situs web atau terjemahkan dokumen. Batal Terjemahan Inggris - terdeteksi ke Bahasa Indonesia Bahasa Indonesia Inggris Arab Indah Besar Perbedaan Antara Gadis Dan Uang


A beautiful young girl sent a letter to a popular magazine, with the title:
"What should I do to be able to marry a rich guy?"

I will be honest about what I will try to say here. This year I was 25 tahun.Saya very beautiful, has a good taste to fashion. I want to marry a man with an income of at least $ 500ribu/tahun. You may think I matre, but earning $ 1juta/tahun only regarded as middle class in New York.

My requirements are not high. Does anyone on this forum have an income of $ 500ribu/tahun?
Are you all married? What I want to ask: What should I do to marry a rich man like you?

The richest ever date me only $ 250rb/tahun. If someone wants to move into the elite residential area in Garden City, New York, earning $ 250rb/tahun not enough.

With humility, I would like to ask:
Where the rich lajang2 hang out?
What age range should I look?
Why most wives of wealthy-looking orang2 standards?
I've met some women who have the appearance is not attractive, but they could marry a rich guy?
How do you decide who can be your wife, and who can only be a girlfriend?


This is the reply from a guy who worked at Wall Street Financial:

I have read your letter with spirit. I think a lot gadis2 out there who have the same question. Allow me to analyze your situation as a professional.

My annual income of more than $ 500rb, according syaratmu. So I hope things do not think I main2 here. From a business side, is the wrong decision to marry.

The answer is easy, I try to explain, try to place the "beauty" and "money" side by side, where you try swapping beauty with money: party A provides beauty, and party B pays for it, thing makes sense. But there is a problem here, your beauty will disappear, but my money will not go away without good reason. In fact, my income might increase from year to year, but you will not be more beautiful year after year. Therefore, from an economic standpoint, I was an asset that will increase, and you are the assets that will shrink. Not just normal depreciation, but exponential depreciation.

If only the (beauty) that your assets, your score will be very worried about the next 10 years. Of rules

we use in Wall Street, every exchange has a position, dating with you is also an exchange position.

If the exchange rate goes down, we'll sell it and is a bad idea to save in the long run, such as

Your wedding you want. It may sound harsh, but to make wise decisions, any assets with great depreciation value will be sold or "leased". Anyone with an annual income of $ 500rb, not people bodah. We only go out with you, but will not marry you.

I would suggest that you forget to look for ways to marry the rich. You better make yourself a rich man with an income of $ 500rb/tahun. This opportunity is better than looking for the rich fool. Mudah2an replies can help. If you are interested in service "lease credit", contact me.

JP Morgan

NB: Cowo that any age can get married young and beautiful girls ama provided that whenever he had money, while the girls assets will decrease in line with age. So, so cowo be better than girls, naughty idup can rest! marriage age of 40 would still make it, the age of 50 want to look for mistresses college kids can too! provided that no money, girls!? age 30 and over already deserted the market.

And the rest terpenting.adalah also love your partner what it is without looking at the material and kecantikan.juga trust each other .. to trust a relationship will work well to face the trials that are difficult with your partner

- Andrew Alexander -

http://www.dhaniels.com/2011/10/perbedaan-besar-antara-cewek-cantik-dan.html # ixzz1bTjVubAI


7 Alat Paling Mengerikan Penyiksaan



Shoes injakannya who are duri2 sharp iron which is used to handcuff the feet of the inmates in the prison.

Heretic's Fork

2 eye front forks rear was tied at the neck, a direction in the plug under the chin and 1 on the plugs it again below the neck.


This tool is used specifically to punish the women. Women are told to sit in a chair who just above the river and after that the chair in naikturunkan of the river deep and dirty reply until the woman has been killed out of breath.


The inside of the arm to stab a sharp barbed kaki.Seharusnya this tool use the nails into wood antecedent arm front and rear legs, but because there are pictures ga.

Water Torture

This punishment came from Eastern Europe and usually do well in Japan. These penalties are forcing the victim to drink water in large numbers! and after the victim could not stand it anymore, well then that sentence is done, the executioner jumped right on top of abdominal bloating who have been forwarded to the dead ... ..

CAT'S Paws

Very simple, the victim was tied and the lift and this tool will perlahan2 tear the skin and the whole body of the victim to the bone.


Victim's hands and feet tied with rope in the opposite direction and the rope is pulled by force using the machine until the victim's body was destroyed and split 2

Quartering BY HORSES

Just like The Rack but if this one by one the hands and feet tied and drawn by one of the horses and simultaneously using the victim's body in a moment everything is disconnected from the body.

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